Sustainable Design China Summit 2022 FAQs


26-28 September 2022
China World Summit Wing, China World Trade Centre, Beijing

Q: About Design China Beijing and the Sustainable Design China Summit?
A: Building on the success of Design China Beijing's Forum, attracting over 300 expert speakers over the last four years, the Sustainable Design China - Summit is an upgraded and expanded format to explore the design world through a sustainable lens, shining a spotlight on innovative solutions and material use for the built environment, circular regenerative strategies and ground-breaking net-zero design concepts that have new performance led systems embedded within the design process to guarantee real, sustainable innovation.

Q: What are the themes?
A: The Summit explores 6 core themes that are driving global sustainability initiatives: Design for a Sustainable World, Circular Design Thinking, Climate Changes Everything, On the Path to Net Zero, Building Sustainability & Green Design, and Nature by Design.

Q: Attendee highlights?
A: It will be China’s leading meeting place for A&D, Interiors and development professionals to exchange ideas and discuss the latest developments around sustainable design. Drawing on our unrivalled Forum programme attracting world-class speakers, leading research and development experts, will gather to understand the latest ideas, policy, services, products, solutions and industry standards and meet the experts in sustainable design and development.The three-day summit will welcome 1,000 professional visitors including architects, interior designers, property developers, retailers and private buyers, industry experts and more, with over 70 industry leaders and experts as our guest speakers.

Q: Speaker highlights?
A: We are inviting over 70 industry leaders and experts to be our guest speakers during the 3-day design forum.

Q: Where can I see the speaker list and the summit schedule?
A: Click HERE to view the latest Summit programme, you can also subscribe to our Official WeChat Channel (ID: SDSSummit) to receive the latest update from SDS Summit.

Q: Can I finish the whole summit in one day?
A: We have a three-day agenda plus exhibitions, and on each day we explore different themes, so you can choose your own theme according to your personal interest.

Q: How do I get there?
A: You can get to the venue by taking Beijing Metro Line 1. It's around 460m from Guomao Metro Station, about 5 minutes walk. Click HERE to read more information about how to plan your visit.

Q: Can I transfer my ticket to others?
A: Entry to our summit is verified by real name and the tickets can not be transferred. Face recognition is used for entry. 

Q: How can I help others to purchase tickets?
A: It is recommended to send the ticketing link to others and purchase tickets directly.

Q: Choose the wrong audience type
A: Please provide your mobile phone number and we will help you change it.

Q: I can't complete the registration because there is a rare character in my name
A:Please bring your ID card or passport and contact our staff when entering the venue, we will help you with it.

Q: What do I need to bring upon entry?
A: Please bring your ID card and electronic QR code for ticket purchase. You will also need to show your health code.

Q: Can VIPs invite other people to the summit?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I bring my children in?
A: The Sustainable Design China Summit is a professional event and children under the age of 16 are not allowed to enter.

Q: Is there a car park on site?
A: Yes, there is.

Q: Is there an exclusive car park for VIPs?
A: No, there is no exclusive parking for VIPs at this venue.


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