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Sustainable Innovation Workshop: Culture, Materials, and Nature in Design


Workshop Schedule

  1. Release of the White Paper:

    Alex Sun, Chief Sustainability Officer of Envision Group

    Fiona Lang, Vice Chair and Partner, SynTao Consulting Co., Ltd

    The Introduction to the White Paper on Green and Low Carbon Development in the Retail and Consumer Goods Industry:

    Fiona Lang, Vice Chair and Partner, SynTao Consulting Co., Ltd

    Panel Discussion:

    Alex Sun, Chief Sustainability Officer of Envision Group

    Xuan Wu, Manager of Corporate Governance Department, China Association for Public Companies

    Jiangxue Yu,Leader of Sustainability Committee, MUJI

    Uta Xia, Sustainable Change Management Leader, Decathlon China


    Fiona Lang, Vice Chair and Partner, SynTao Consulting Co., Ltd

  2. Speaker:

    Yoki Xu, CEO, Beijing Magnetic Technologies Co.,Ltd

  3. Speakers:

    Da Liu,Brand Manager, Matsu

    Topic: The Spirit and Wisdom of Nomadism 

    Lei Zhang, Founder, Rong Design Library / Pinwu Studio

    Topic: Craftsmanship and Contemporary Design from Yaks

    Shuo Wang,Founding Partner, META-Project | META-Research

    Topic: Nature's Way in the case of Black Tent


    Panel Discussion Chairperson:

    Simone Chen, The founder of Vestibule Consulting & little-known, the executive editor-in-chief of Shanghai Articles, the guest editor-in-chief of Oui Art

  4. The sustainable materials company M-Seen,is gearing up to host a groundbreaking sustainable materials workshop that will take participants on a journey to explore the world of innovative materials! M-Seen's mission is to bring forth better materials that can be seen and put to used.

    In this upcoming workshop, we will delve deep into a highly regarded sustainable material: mycelium. Mycelium is a biodegradable material grown by fungi, and its unique properties open up an entirely new realm of creative possibilities. From architecture and design to innovative products, mycelium is at the forefront of driving an innovation wave in sustainable materials.

    Throughout the workshop, we will delve into the manufacturing process, advantages, and applications of mycelium across various domains. Through interactive discussions, hands-on demonstrations, and collaborative teamwork, we will provide participants with an inspiring and practical learning experience.


    Dan, Owner-Principal, m-seen

  5. The workshop will be a fun, inspiring, hands-on session using material samples to show attendees new and unique ways to apply materials in the design process. It will focus on interior & furniture design to use materials to create consumer stories. 


    Chris Lefteri, Founder, Chris Lefteri Design

  1. With the influence of new technological means and social environments, the context of sustainable design is undergoing profound changes. Designers, who bear a sense of social responsibility, have more possibilities than ever before. Five designers from both near and far, through pioneering works from different domains, and sustainable workshops where participants can actively engage and create by hand, bring new sparks of design inspiration to the exhibition. They express the endless possibilities for the future of sustainable development through their distinctly attitudinal design works.


    Hehui Zhao, Strategic Service Designer; Bachelor's degree from the Central Academy of Fine Arts; Master's degree from the Royal College of Arts

    Ruien Yang, Sustainable product designer; singhua International School, senior

    Yu Mei, Sustainable Product Designer; Designer of pet home products; Bachelor's degree in Home Product Design from China Central Academy of Fine Arts

    Yunfei Guo, Sustainable product designer; Fashion designer Bachelor of Home Product Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts

    Yalan Dan, Sustainable Product Designer; Master’s degree of University of art London Central Saint Martin Furniture Design; Bachelor's degree of Home Product Design from China Central Academy of Fine Arts

    Linxuan Liao, Sustainable Product Designer; Bachelor's degree in Home Product Design from China Central Academy of Fine Arts

    Panel Discussion:

    Chairperson:Jackie Yang, Master Degree in Architecture and Interior Design from London Metropolitan University; Lectured in University College London and London Metropolitan University; Guest lecturer of the Central Academy of Fine Arts


    Gino, Sustainable Product Designer; Bachelor's degree in Home Product Design from China Central Academy of Fine Arts

    Yu Mei, Sustainable Product Designer; Designer of pet home products; Bachelor's degree in Home Product Design from China Central Academy of Fine Arts

    Hehui Zhao, Strategic Service Designer; Bachelor's degree from the Central Academy of Fine Arts; Master's degree from the Royal College of Arts

  2. Speaker:

    Yu Chen, Director of the Supply and Demand Working Committee, China Building Decoration Association

  3. Speaker:

    Emma Yu, Creative Director, Dress Green

  4. Sustainable Production Methods Using Recycled Materials in the East

    Zence Object Technology is an innovative company based in the Greater Bay Area that is dedicated to solving global waste problems. We use technological innovation to transform various inconspicuous waste materials, such as bamboo, platycodon, grandiflorum, tea residue, Chinese herbal medicine residue, and more, into genuine Eastern eco-friendly materials that are integrated into people's daily lives.

    Our most representating product is "Chazence," a sustainable, versatile, and mass-producible Eastern eco-friendly material. Chazence can not only replace traditional materials such as plastic, paper, and wood but can also be applied to various products. All of our products are biodegradable, in line with modern society's pursuit of sustainable development. Chazence is currently the only institution in the country that can fully utilize tea residue and apply it to different industrial products.


    Bob Lei, ZENCE OBJECT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, Co-founder, Brand Director

  5. To path to a net-zero future and the pressure to combat climate change, reduce waste, support biodiversity, and build a circular economy can seem bewildering. But urban planners, designers, architects, and manufacturers are developing many ingenious materials, ecosystems, digital applications, and energy-saving solutions to tackle the most complex and pressing issue of our age. The key to determining the long-term development of the manufacturing industry is whether we can cope with the climate crisis and the challenge of raw material sustainability that we will face in the future. Aritco, as part of the manufacturing industry, sustainability has been a part of our DNA and ways of thinking since the company was founded in 1995. Sustainability work has been on Aritco’s agenda and the concept of sustainability has been implemented in all aspects of production, product design and development of Aritco. During this workshop, Aritco has invited Ms. Kang, Ruihan, the brand manager of Beijing Zizai Design and Mr. Jason Yao , the sales manager of Aritco China to share their creative design in projects and lifts with sustainability thinking.


    Ruihan Kang, Zizai Design, Branding Manager

    Topic: The Spirituality of Space 

    Jason Yao, Aritco China, Sales Manager

    Topic: Aritco Sustainable Design and Development 

  6. Heat pumps, as a key path for buildings to realize zero carbon energy, is the direction that SPARTEK has been focusing on. At the same time, indoor comfort, maintaining the right temperature, humidity, oxygen content and other indicators should not be ignored. SPARTEK will bring you to understand how to meet the highest level of indoor comfort on the basis of minimizing the energy consumption of the system, thereby reducing carbon emissions and achieving a perfect balance between the green earth and the human environment.


    Stefan Zhu, Spartec(Suzhou) Co.,Ltd/BD director of global market

  7. In the continuing observation on design, YiMagazine has became conscious of,that sustainability is attracting more and more companies to participate. 
    While big corporations decide to join and policy advocacy becomes a driving force, there are more individuals are getting involved in their own ways. This includes startups focus on design and materials, Typically, they are at the forefront of industry innovation and have few local models to emulate. Throughout this process, they constantly solve the challenges encountered in entrepreneurship. Rather than rushing to become big corporations, they treat sustainability as a slow business, focusing on sustainable operation.

    In the annual Design Issue of YiMagazine this year,we have reported on this entrepreneurial trend. This salon will also revolve around this topic and engage in discussions with invited guests.

    Panel Discussion


    Yunting Zhang, Editor of Design Column at YiMagazine 


    Xuesong Liu, BOTTLOOP Founder & CEO; Beijing Zero-Waste Recycling Industry Promotion Association (ZWPA), Chairwoman

    Sissi Chao, Founder, RePlasTerial

    Ya Guo, Smart Air Co-founder&COO

    Su Liu, Product Designer &Supply Chain Director

  1. RePlasTerial, Carbon neural panel, is made from 100% PCR plastic waste which achieved food degree. It's produced by 100% green energy, and can be recycled 5times after usage. Each M2 of material can reduce around 17.43kg of CO2 and 19kg of Plastic Waste.


    Sissi Chao, Founder, RePlasTerial

  2. Focusing on the theme of rural revitalization, this salon will explore the sustainable construction model suitable for Beijing's rural reconstruction from the multi-dimensional perspectives of rural construction, rural post-disaster reconstruction and sustainable construction.

    With China's urbanization process and the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization strategy, the rapid development of rural areas, how to use their own characteristics and advantages, in an appropriate way to rebuild rural areas has become a top priority. Based on the perspective of sustainability, the post-disaster reconstruction of rural areas needs to respect the reality, use low-carbon and sustainable materials and construction methods, and ultimately achieve sustainable development of rural areas. This is the important content of current research.


    Yujie Luo, Founder of LUO studio, an architect.; Teacher of construction project of School of Architecture; Central Academy of Fine Arts; instructor of University Joint construction Festival; permanent member of the alumni Association of Central Academy of Fine Arts

    Topic: Sustainable Rural Construction

    Yu Zhou, Chairman of the National Innovation Alliance of Wood Culture and Creative Industry; National Forestry and Grass Bureau

    Topic: Wood Building Materials and the Creation of Rural (regional) Cultural Environment

    Jiming Wu, Deputy Secretary-General of the Standing Committee of Beijing Society of Civil Engineering and Architecture

    Topic: The Rural Revitalization Section of the China Pavilion at UIA World Congeress of Architects Copenhagen 2023

    Panel Discussion

    Academic convenor: Jiming Wu, Deputy Secretary-General of the Standing Committee of Beijing Society of Civil Engineering and Architecture

    Panel Speakers:

    Linhai Mao, General Manager of Zhonglin Green Carbon (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd

    Dr. Tao Zou, Director of Department of Sustainable City Planning in Tsinghua Tongheng Urban Planning and Design Institute (THUPDI)

    Fangzheng Li, Professor, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing Science and Technology Association youth lifting talents

  3. Keynote: ESG investment: Promote the Common Sustainable Development of Enterprises, Wealth, and Society

    Haoling Zhang, The co-founder of the Heroad Investments, the founder and the chairman of the Heroad Foundation


    Panel Discussion: Design the Superstructure for the Sustainability

    Chairperson: Alicia Tung,  Managing Director, Bloomberg Green


    Haoling Zhang, The co-founder of the Heroad Investments, the founder and the chairman of the Heroad Foundation

    Robert Wu, Vice President, IWBI China

    Martin Hu, Deputy Assurance Leader/ Climate & Sustainability Partner of Deloitte China

    Hui Wan, Content Director, Bloomberg Green, China


  4. YCJ International Ecological Art Association is a non-governmental, non-profit public organization. It was established in 2015. It is the first art organization in China to focus on ecological art and sustainable development research and practice. It is composed of more than 800 scholars, artists and creators from various countries. Its development concept is that art makes life and The ecology is better. YCJ has been engaged in artistic practice in environmental protection and ecological sustainability all year round, and has cooperated with more than a dozen international schools and research institutions. Since its establishment, YCJ has made important contributions to the development of world cultural diversity.

    In this activity, we will bring the following contents: 

    1. Release the research data of YCJ's recent research results "Research Report on the Development of Ecological Art in China";

    2. Explain what is a new generation of ecological products and share the concept of ecological product art design;

    3. How to practice a sustainable artistic lifestyle.

    Jing Yuan, Founder, YCJ International Ecological Art Association


*The workshop schedule is subject to change, please check this page frequently for the latest updates.



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