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Introducing New Feature - Near & Distant


In this rapidly evolving era, new media has brought individuals closer together. Through television screens, people can witness disaster scenes; social networks enable them to comment on hot social topics, while online classrooms provide access to the latest academic achievements. With mobile devices, they can monitor changes in air quality and offer assistance to vulnerable groups through crowdfunding platforms.

Under the influence of novel technological means and the social environment, the design context is undergoing profound changes. Designers with a sense of social responsibility now have more possibilities than ever, reaching out to broader audiences, addressing grander challenges, tackling hidden conflicts, venturing into remote regions, and envisioning a distant future. Design has transcended the realm of mere products, posters, or fashion collections; it now embodies patterns, mechanisms, and ways of thinking. This expanded significance of design intricately links the "here" and the "far away," forging a deep connection with our lives.

The Sustainable Design China Summit, in collaboration with the Social Innovation and Humanity Design Research Studio from the School of City Design at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, proudly presents this brand new feature - "Near & Distant". From an educational perspective, the summit leads a group of young designers to showcase their highly creative, loving, and visionary works. The exhibits delve into three dimensions: time, space, and events, providing an exclusive platform for the budding talents of sustainable design in China to shine.



The Link Among Themes - A Trilogy

Time Dimension

  • The closer position in timeline (more current time)

  • The further position in timeline (more future time)

Regional Dimension

  • The Closer space

  • The further space

Event Dimension

  • The events under public sight

  • The events at the far end of public sight

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