Dr. Yibo Xu 胥一波

Dr. Yibo Xu 胥一波

SBA China Partner/ Principle Architect, Studio Director, 1st Grade Registered Arch., P.hd Politecnico di Milano;博埃里建筑设计事务所(中国)中国合伙人/主持建筑师, 总经理, 国家一级注册建筑师, 米兰理工大学博士
Dr. Xu Yibo, partner of China's "Vertical Forest" and "Forest City", a national first-class registered architect, Chinese partner and general manager of Stefano Boeri Architetti, Milan Chief Coordinator of China Triennial, Guest Lecturer of China Academy of Art. He has decades of practical experience in planning and design, urban renewal and architectural design in Europe and China. once worked for Cino Zucchi (CZA) in Milan, Metropolitan Architecture in Rotterdam (OMA) .Participated in many architectural exhibitions at home and abroad, including the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale, North Beijing Design Week, Shanghai 2015 Urban Space Season, Shanghai 2116 Plan, Shanghai 2017 Urban Space Mars Planting plan, etc. Currently2021 Cartier Contemporary Art Foundation Trees exhibition, he is the Chinese partner/presiding architect of Boeri Architects, introducing the Milan Vertical Forest concept Entering the country, he was responsible for the construction of Nanjing Jiangbei Vertical Forest and Huanggang Vertical Forest City Complex. Shan’Shenzhen Barrier-Free Innovation Center, 501 Jiujiang Road, Shan ghai, MORE001 Green OfficeTransformation ,etc.

Chinese Description

胥一波博士,中国“垂直森林”和“森林之城”的践行者,国家一级注册建筑师,目前为博埃里建筑设计事务所中国合伙人、主持建筑师、米兰三年展中国区总协调,中国美术学院客座讲师。在欧洲与中国有数十年规划设计、城市更新及建筑设计实践经验。曾任职于米兰的齐诺·祖奇事务所(CZA),鹿特丹的大都会建筑事务所(OMA),曾参与国内外多项建筑展览活动,包括2014 年威尼斯建筑双年展,北京设计周,上海2015 城市空间季,上海2116 计划,上海2017 年城市空间火星种植计划,2019深圳双城双年展,2021年卡地亚当代艺术基金会Trees等。将米兰垂直森林概念引入国内,负责建设了南京江北垂直森林,黄冈垂直森林城市综合体,“疗愈之山”深圳无障碍双创中心,上海九江路501号华商证劵交易所改造,MORE001绿色办公改造等。