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2024 Sustainable Design China Summit Programme



Sustainability and Hospitality — The Architectural Design of 1 Hotel Haitang Bay in Sanya

Well+good: The Rise of Positive Impact Hospitality & Eco-travel

1. How the existing plan was redesigned to adjust building volume; optimise spatial form and interfaces; create open spaces; and construct three-dimensional garden terraces with enhanced ecological diversity

2. Through the abundant use of natural and environmentally friendly materials, the design combines the hotel brand's natural and eco-friendly aesthetics with creative sustainable development initiatives and unique home-away-from-home experiences.

3. The architectural design of 1 Hotel Haitang Bay Sanya

Dr. Lin HAO 郝琳博士, Director, The Oval partnership Ltd, Integer Intelligent & Green;欧华尔顾问有限公司,Integer智能与绿色有限公司,董事
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