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Release the Data of YCJ's Research Results "Research Report on the Development of Ecological Art in China"——Sustainable Initiatives of a International Public Organization


YCJ International Ecological Art Association is a non-governmental, non-profit public organization. It was established in 2015. It is the first art organization in China to focus on ecological art and sustainable development research and practice. It is composed of more than 800 scholars, artists and creators from various countries. Its development concept is that art makes life and The ecology is better. YCJ has been engaged in artistic practice in environmental protection and ecological sustainability all year round, and has cooperated with more than a dozen international schools and research institutions. Since its establishment, YCJ has made important contributions to the development of world cultural diversity.

In this activity, we will bring the following contents: 

1. Release the research data of YCJ's recent research results "Research Report on the Development of Ecological Art in China";

2. Explain what is a new generation of ecological products and share the concept of ecological product art design;

3. How to practice a sustainable artistic lifestyle.

Jing Yuan, Founder, YCJ International Ecological Art Association

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