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2023 Sustainable Design China Summit Programme



Passive House Design in China: Case Studies of Actionable, Sustainable, Passive House Design Strategies

Designing a Sustainable Future

The presentation will focus on the huge potential of smart, passive strategies in the early design stage to realize synergies between immaculate comfort and drastic reductions in energy demand, CO2 emissions and cost looking at aspects of three recent Passive House projects in China:

• How to create a showcase for replication?
Tianjin Eco City Apartments (the first PHI Passive House-certified high-rise in entire Asia) as a blueprint for replication, completed 2019)

• How to create a CO2-neutral Roadmap as a vision all stakeholders assemble behind?
(Regional Headquarter Shanghai, in planning)

• How to reduce construction cost with passive design?
(Nanning Luxury Apartments, in planning)

Rolf Demmler 戴若甫, Founding director of SoftGrid Ltd;索杰建筑设计咨询(上海)有限公司董事长
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