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Panel Discussion: The Empathic Workplace


• What are the key elements of an empathic workplace?

• What are the best practices  needed  to transform a traditional workplace into an empathic workplace?

• How does an empathic workplace impact the culture of a company or organisation?

Simone Chen 陈敏娟, The founder of Vestibule Consulting & little-known, the executive editor-in-chief of Shanghai Articles, the guest editor-in-chief of Oui Art;思庭文化 & little-known内容平台创始人,《上海百货》执行主编,Oui Art客座主编
Laura Kohler, Chief Sustainability & DEI Officer, Kohler Co.;科勒集团 可持续发展和多元共融首席执行官
Pearl Tang, Senior Partner, Foster + Partners;Foster + Partners,高级合伙人
Summer Chen 陈夏青, Director, Cushman&Wakefield Sustainability Services, Greater China;戴德梁行,可持续发展服务大中华区董事
Shanshan Qi 戚山山, Global Sustainable - Female Frontier,Principal, STUDIO QI ARCHITECTS;STUDIO QI建筑事务所,全球可持续女性先锋,主持建筑师
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