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Panel Discussion: Towards A Greener Future

Towards a Greener Future

• What is the scope of the concept of sustainability?

• How should it be interpreted in the context of the carbon neutrality concept that is currently hot in China?

• What are the main obstacles that companies face in practicing sustainability?

• How can green financial instruments help companies in their sustainable transformation?

Johnny Li 李昂, Head of Northern Region, BRE China;英国建筑研究院(BRE)中国,北方区负责人
Jing Sun 孙静, Regional Consulting Director, Beijing Building Technology Development Co., Ltd.;北京建筑技术发展有限责任公司,区域咨询总监
David Schill, Marketing Director, Aritco Lift AB;瑞特科电梯有限公司,全球市场总监
Patrick Jin 金冀安, General Manager, Green Shore Plan;绿岸计划,总经理
Zheli Cai 蔡哲理, Senior architect and project leader, MVRDV;MVRDV,资深建筑师,项目负责人
Caroline Liang 梁华卿, Technical Director, Center for Environment, Health and Sustainability, China Academy of Building Research;中国建筑科学研究院有限公司环境,健康与可持续发展中心,技术总监
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