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Net-Zero Carbon Design for Xiong'an Urban Terminal of Daxing International Airport

Towards a Greener Future

• Traditional rail way transportation buildings have high energy consumption and carbon emissions, which urgently need improvement;

• Implementing low-carbon integrated design during the design phase can effectively reduce the carbon emissions throughout the entire lifecycle of rail way transportation buildings;

• Digital simulation for design optimization is a powerful tool for carbon reduction design during the design phase.

Xiaobao Han 韩小宝, Founder, Beijing Arch-Green Low Carbon Technology Co.,Ltd;北京筑绿低碳科技有限公司,创始人
Ming Fang 房明, Director of the Architecture Department of the First Design Institute, Beijing Urban Construction Design & Development Group Co. Limited;北京城建设计发展集团股份有限公司,第一设计院建筑室主任
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