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Panel Discussion: The Impact of Sustainable Business Models on Design

Circular Design Matters

Companies and organisations will have to adapt their internal systems, their methods of working and the design of their organisation to meet their Sustainability goals. ROS ‘return on Sustainability’ needs to be as integral and essential to a company’s bottom line as ROI, return on investment.

• The costs of a Sustainable design strategy V ROS ‘return on sustainability’

• How to integrate sustainable design into product/service full life cycle mgt and business operations

• How can sustainable design  contribute to enhancing the influence of your brand

Dr Jianzhong LU 吕建中, Board member of Global Reporting Initiative GRI and Deputy Director General of China CSR Think Tank;全球报告倡议组织(GRI),董事
Alwyn Li 李志军, Partner, PwC ESG - Sustainable Urban Service;普华永道管理咨询有限公司,可持续发展与城市综合服务合伙人
Haishan Wang 王海山, Chairman of Beijing ZhongJianXie Certification Centre Co.,Ltd;Central Carbon Digital Lab Chief Expert;北京中建协认证中心有限公司,董事长,中碳数字实验室首席专家
Joan Zhou 周燕, Project Technical Director, UNDP Suzhou SDG Innovation Lab;联合国开发计划署苏州可持续发展新实验室,项目技术负责人
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